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3 essential spring gardening tips for your indoor plants
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3 essential spring gardening tips for your indoor plants

Now that spring is (finally!) here, you can get onto Marie-Kondo-ing your space. But did you know that your indoor plants can also do with a spring clean? Rejuvenate and refresh your houseplants to banish the winter blues!

Here are our top 3 tips on how to refresh and rejuvenate your houseplants so that they stay healthy all year! 


1. Repotting: for growing plants!

You may have noticed your plants are starting stretched out and grow new limbs since the weather has warmed up. This is a pretty good indication that it’s time to level up on the pot size to allow for extra growing space.

Your plant will need to be repotted if it has outgrown its current pot. You might also notice the roots reaching the edge of the pot or they might be starting to spike through the drainage holes. This is a tell-tale sign that your plant friend has outgrown his current pot and could be struggling. As a general rule, most plants will need to be repotted every 2 years. Here’s how to repot your plant:

  1. Give it a nice big drink the day before repotting to loosen the soil
  2. Hold the plant firmly around the base of the stem, and carefully ease it out, being cautious not to break any stems or leaves
  3. Untangle the roots and gently shake the loose soil off into the old pot
  4. Place into the new pot, making sure that it is 5cm larger and top the pot up with soil, pressing down as you go
  5. Lastly, water your newly potted plant

Here’s our 3 favourite medium sized pots, for when your newer plants are ready for the move:

  1. Oval pink pot
  2. Blue planter
  3. Large mustard pot


2. Nutrients: for hungry plants!

For plants, spring is time of active growth. This means they need appropriate nutrients to sustain them. Since your houseplants don’t need fertiliser in the cooler months, now is the perfect time tp give them some extra energy. There are many different types of fertilisers and nutrients on the market. Be sure to ask us for help if you need recommendations for particular plants.

Here are our top 3 picks for fertilisers:

  1. Green Planet duel fuel
  2. Aqua Flakes
  3. Maxicrop succulent & bonsai food


3. Spring clean: for untidy plants!

Start by trimming sad brown and yellow leaves - these leaves are not coming back to life. Make sure you use sharp, clean scissors or secateurs to do this. You can then start pruning - this is a great way to promote growth and shape the plant in a more curated way.

Spending time to wipe leaves and trim yellow leaves not only makes them look better, but will ultimately help them thrive. Using a damp cloth to wipe down dusty leaves will give a great shine and will help the light reach the leaves better. Be sure to support the leaf with your hand on one side while you wipe the other. Another way to clean the leaves is to give the whole plant a shower! You can take all your houseplants outside or move them into your shower to give them a light shower - like they would have out in the wild. Note: DO NOT use this method for all indoor plants. You don’t want to overwater your cacti and succulents. 

Here's some accessories to help you on your way:


Watering can


Now that you’ve got the essentials for spring cleaning your indoor plants down pat, you can treat yourself with more plants!

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