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Bio-Diesel nutrients are on a mission to lift the standard of quality and raise the nutritional value of Australian Hydroponic produce. They want to enhance the experiences people have with their plants and have them smell, taste and see the rewards.

Steve Palmer the founder of the nutrient said, "We're putting the biology back into Hydroponics and increasing yields without chemicals, heavy metals or mined salts. Ultimately, producing natural plant additives that increase the medicinal, nutritional and overall value of indoor and outdoor grown produce."

Bio Diesels range of high-performance Hydroponic additives is used to enhance biological processes and encourage massive growth increases to growers existing hydroponic nutrient programs. Their range can be used alone without a base nutrient in Pro-mix Soils.

They are constantly innovating new products and working with Australia's leading Agronomists to develop the latest in high-performance horticulture. They have a serious commitment to bigger harvests that are more sustainable and will not harm our planet.

Hobby Hydro and Home Brew believe that Bio-Diesel really does help crops achieve their maximum and we endorse the use of this nutrient. Check out their complete range of natural extract additives and enhance your next crop organic by click this link now. 

Blog post by Abel Prasad

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