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Brewing 101
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Brewing 101

Brewing beer at home is becoming a hobby that more and more people are interested in. The precise and calculated process makes it an incredibly mixture of both art and science. Although home brewing is open to interpretation for a unique and special beer, there is a specific method that most beginners should get to grips with. If you are hoping to take up home brewing in Australia, then we have everything you will need to know about the entire process. From investing in the correct home brew kits for your personal tastes to taking the right steps for a delicious outcome, here is everything you should know about how to home brew.

Choosing Your Home Brew, Ale or Spirit?

First of all, you might want to choose the type of beer you want to home brew. Take a look at our wide ranging store of products for some inspiration. Whether you want to brew a Morgan’s Australian Blonde or Morgan’s Premium Ironbark Dark Ale, we have a whole host of home brews for you to choose from. Here are some of our most popular options for you to decide between:

Morgan’s Australian Gold - A full flavoured mid strength beer for when you’re in charge of the BBQ.

Morgan’s Premium Blue Mountain Lager - A pale refreshing lager with a light pleasing hop bouquet.

Morgan’s Premium Ironbark Dark Ale - A hearty caramel roasted flavour with deep aroma and nutty overtones. Powered up with dark crystal malt.

Morgan's Frontier IPA - Delivering the beloved hoppy flavour of a traditional IPA but with lower alcohol content so you can create a world class session IPA to enjoy again and again.

Morgan's Pacific Pale Ale - A classic American West Coast craft style beer.  Our Pacific Pale Ale is definitely the real deal.With a refreshing woodsy hop aroma backed up by a crisp clean bite.

Morgan's Starter Brewery Kit - The Morgan’s Premium Starter kit contains everything you need to make your own beer at home. It is designed for brewing up to 23L batches, and includes bottles.

The Morgan’s Premium Starter Kit contains :

- 30L fermenter

- hydrometer

- spoon

- bottling valve

- 1.7kg Blue Mountain Lager

- Morgan’s Body Blend

- stick on thermometer

- 30 x PET bottles and caps

- tap

- airlock

- Morgan’s Sanitiser

- Morgan’s Carbonation Drops

- complete Brewing instructions

This kit is ideal if you are just starting out with home brewing and you are a looking for a simple way to begin.

We also have a number of delicious spirits that are available to home brew such as, Queensland Gold Rum, Classic Premium Whiskey, Premium Blue Jewel Gin, Premium Spiced Rum, Tennessee Bourbon and many, many more!

How To Home Brew

Now let’s discuss the basic steps of home brewing beer; it all comes down to a basic process that has roots from thousands of years ago. In essence, you will be heating water and grain, boiling the mixture with hops, cooling the mixture, fermenting with yeast and then carbonating it. Check out the following basic steps you will be following with your first home brew.

1.Clean Up Before You Begin

It is very important to clean and sanitise all of your equipment before you get started. Anything that is going to come into contact with your beer during the home brewing process needs to be cleaned with a mild detergent. Once this is all completed, you will be able to get started. 

2.Start Your Brew

This is the stage that will probably take the longest, simply because you need to monitor the brewing process carefully. Following the strict timeline will give you the best finished product. Getting it wrong first time is completely normal, so be patient with yourself; you will get another shot!

3.Choose Your Brewing Method

There are three main brewing methods to choose from and they are extract, all grain and partial mash. These are differentiated by the way the base of the beer is created.

Extract Brewing - uses extracts from the grains (good for people brand new to home brewing)

All Grain Brewing - the purest type of home brewing, but requires more equipment and space (ideal for an experienced home brewer)

Partial Mash Brewing - uses malt extract as well as grain, so presents a wider range of possibilities when creating different flavours and bodies

4.Simple Brewing Steps

First of all you need to start the process called ‘the mash,’ which changes starches into sugar. This creates food for the yeast and gives the beer its colour base, flavour and body. This will involve you immersing your grain bill into hot water so that the starches break down. Keep an eye on the temperature and water quality during this step.

Next up, you will undergo lautering which separates the wort from the grain. This removes any sugars that might be trapped within the grain following the mashing process. During lautering you will need to undertake a process called sparging, which involves heating water in a separate container to a higher temperature than the mash. The heated water is then poured over the grain to rinse it of any remaining sugars. 

Finally, you will need to boil the brew. This is a much higher temperature than the mash and will span over a lengthy period of time. The boil gets rid of any unwanted or harmful oxygen and enzymes, which creates the ideal environment for hops. Hops provide balance to the beer by adding a certain amount of bitterness and it protects the beer from bacteria.

5.The Final Stages

In summary, after the brewing process you will need to cool down the mixture in an ice bath. Then you will transfer the wort into a new, large vessel. It is then time to add the yeast in a process called ‘pitching.’ The most important step is fermentation, which happens next. This is when the yeast converts the sugars into CO2 and ethyl alcohol. Keep a close eye on it during the entire process. You will then need to undertake bottling and kegging after a few more simple steps.

For a more detailed guide on home brewing, check out our starter kits online. You could start your home brew hobby right now and we have all the tools you need to make it happen!

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