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CANNA Best Before Date Policy

CANNA Best Before Date Policy

The dates on the CANNA products are not "expiry" dates as you would see on milk or meat where after a certain date things can get really freaky. They are Best Before Dates (BBD).

Mineral nutrients are characteristically very stable when formulated correctly. When storage conditions are optimal, they will remain in a perfect condition many years after manufacture and way beyond the BBD printed on the bottles.

The dates we print on the bottle represent the extent to which we have tested, trialed and proven (under normal storage conditions) that the product will perform at its peak. It is the time period in which we guarantee it. It does not mean the product is degrading beyond that date, simply that we did not test it beyond that period.

Even though CANNA is the world’s best-selling brand of plant technologies, it is the retailers’ responsibility to ensure effective stock rotation and order amounts they can sell within a reasonable time frame. If the product has been sitting on the shelves and has not been opened and/or contaminated by dirty measuring tools, it is most probably still optimal.

We guarantee our valued retail partners a minimum of 3 months within the “best before” date (BBD) on full-priced CANNA stock and all stock is sold as “firm stock”. i.e. we will not accept returns on out of date stock is supplied with a minimum 3 months sale date left on it.

Your store can always order single bottles if you are not confident to sell 30 x 250ml bottles in 3-6 months.

Occasionally we may offer appealing incentives to purchase low dated stock. We offer stock with 3 months or less shelf life at half the wholesale price (That is a 2 for 1 policy for stock with 3 months or less BBD). We recommend you then on-sell it at half the RRP or less to ensure quick sales and/or also gain new customers for example.

Product Shelf life in years:

CANNA Nutrients
CANNA Terra Vega                         3
CANNA Terra Flores                       3


CANNA Aqua Vega A                     3
CANNA Aqua Vega B                     3


CANNA Aqua Flores A                    3
CANNA Aqua Flores B                    3


CANNA Coco A                                3
CANNA Coco B                                3


CANNA Classic Vega A                  3
CANNA Classic Vega B                  3


CANNA Classic Flores A                3
CANNA Classic Flores B                3


BIOCANNA Bio Flores                    3
BIOCANNA Bio Vega                      3 


CANNA Additives

CANNA RHIZOTONIC                    1
CANNA PK 13/14                             5
CANNAZYM                                     3
CANNABOOST Accelerator           3


BIOCANNA BioBOOST                  3

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