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Growing a vegetable patch has never been easier
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Growing a vegetable patch has never been easier

Starting a vegetable patch has always been something on the bucket list, but it is always ends up in the too hard basket. 

But since coming across Charlie's Patch, the desire to start one has never been greater. 

They have made growing a vegetable patch accessible to people all over Australia, and make it look so easy. 

Charlie's Patch grow a range of heirloom seeds and gardening products in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. They hand-pack each and every pack. 

If you are looking at starting a vegetable patch, we have put together some of the seeds to start you off from Charlie's product range that we stock. 

All Seasons Carrot Seeds

This much-loved root vegetable is a great variety of carrots to grow at home and I think All Seasons carrots are a MUST in every single garden!

Growing carrots can be so much fun and they are so much fun to pull up. These carrots are hardy, disease tolerant variety that can be grown all year round in most of Australia.

Roots can grow up to 20cm long. These carrots make a great companion plant for other Charlie’s Patch seeds such as coriander, lettuce & tomato.

Planting information

Lettuce - All Year Round seeds

All Year Round lettuce is a crisp and tasty, buttery lettuce that can be grown all year round.

Outer leaves can be harvested at any time, or tight heart of lettuce can be harvested once formed.

It is a slower variety to bolt, and forms heads up to 20cm in size.

Planting information

Money Maker Tomato Seeds

Money Maker tomatoes are an heirloom English variety that will make a super productive addition to your garden. This tomato got its name due to its high levels of productivity and dates back to over 100 years ago!

The tomatoes produced on this crop are medium-sized and are of intense red colour.

This variety is considered to be quite a reliable crop, and will still grow with less than ideal soil and/ or weather conditions. It also has good disease resistance.

Planting information

Italian Basil Seeds

Italian basil (or Genovese basil) is considered to be THE basil for authentic Italian cuisine.

Not only does basil go well with tomatoes outside of the garden, but inside, you can plant it with your tomato plants as a companion plant to help in repelling pests such as hornworms and aphids.

Leaves can be picked and eaten fresh, or dried for later use.

Planting information

We stock a wide range of Charlie's Patch seeds. 

See their range here. 

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