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GYO why more and more people are.

GYO why more and more people are.

With the population growing and becoming increasingly Urban, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimate that by 2050 there will be a 30% shortfall in food production without technological improvements. Simply put, without change we will not have the resources to feed ourselves soon. While it may seem small, growing your own food, however little can make a difference.

Bringing our agricultural resources closer to home has several benefits, with food travelling less it remains fresher, creates less pollution, less food miles are created, and less water is being used. We see it as the next natural step that if the technology exists to grow in urban environments that it should be brought to our homes, so we can have access to the freshest and healthiest produce, on our kitchen bench, with little impact on the environment.

The effects of food waste on the environment cannot be ignored either. Foodwise found that we Australians throw-out $8 billion of useable food each year, of which a third is fresh produce. The environmental impact and waste of resources this causes is huge! Growing anything at home starts to reduce this impact. By growing at home and picking produce fresh, less resources are used in its growing, and you can pick what you need.

So what can one do to help make a change?

You can simply start by growing your herbs, vegetables and fruits at home. There are numerous ways in which you can grow. 

Many of our customers have started to buy an Urbipod Indoor Garden. So what is an Urbipod? 

The Urbipod is an Australian invention that provides fresh, organic, readily available food that helps reduce food waste and food miles, re-connects people to the food they eat and is as economical as it is eco-friendly. Even the brownest of thumbs will be able to grow many different types of herbs, salads and microgreens in this snazzy little pod that will fit in any urban home.


Gone are the days of buying herbs and greens in soft plastics only to let them wilt in your fridge and end up in the bin or compost.
Grow herbs, salads, tomatoes and flowers all year round in your kitchen!
Modern design and easy to use. Start growing today!

The kit contains:

  • Starter pack of 5 seed packs - cress x 2, parsley, basil and rocket
  • A packet of 5 all-natural made to measure coir growing discs
  • 250 ml bottle of all-natural liquid nutrient
  • 4 individual detachable growing Pods (white)
  • Water bottle and valve, electrical cable, LED light halo
  • Instructions

There are some other major benefits of growing plants indoor. By growing plants indoor you increase the oxygen levels in your house which in turns makes you healthier and often wiser. 

If you wish to purchase a Urbipod simply click here





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