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Here’s how to care for your garden this spring

Here’s how to care for your garden this spring

Spring symbolises rejuvenation for your garden. With the warmer weather, you’ll start to see new leaves and blossoms, and your garden seems extra vibrant from all the winter rain. It’s an important time of year in terms of feeding and caring for your garden.

Here’s how to care for your garden this spring:

Get rid of nasty weeds. For one these don’t look nice but we’re talking about the health of your garden here. Weeds can suck up all the water before your plants get a chance to, leaving them thirsty and dry. Get on top of weeds before they take over your garden. It’s much easier to deal with smaller rooted weeds than the larger and much stronger ones. Use organic weed killers to bust these guys out. Here's our favourites:

Brunnings Bindii and clover kill
Brunnings 1 hour weed kill

    Time to plant seedlings. After a long and wet winter, your garden probably looks green and revitalised. Spring is a good time to plant just about anything, including seedlings. Planting now gives seedlings roots a good chance to become strong before the hot water hits. Here are some great products to help you out with seedlings:

    Mr. Fothergill Jiffy peat pellet greenhouse
    Mr. Fothergill Easy starter pack

    Trim and neaten up your garden and paths. While you’re out in the garden taking care of your plants, why not clean up all the debris, fallen leaves and branches from winter. Spring is also the perfect time to prune trees and neaten up shrubs and remove dead leaves. Trimming your plants encourages new growth and you want to do this before buds start to form. Use a weed killer or a path trimmer to neaten up wild grasses and weeds that take over the path, here's our best path weeder:

    Brunnings Path weed killer

    Adding nutrients, fertilisers and compost will help to boost growth. Before you start planting new veggies in your patch, consider aerating fertiliser and compost in. Your potted plants will love some liquid fertiliser mixed in with their usual weekly drink, plus you can add a sprinkle of slow dose fertiliser to keep the growing going. Shop our best selling plant foods:

    Brunnings muchroom compost
    Brunnings all purpose organic plant food
    Munash Organics Soil Food

    Pets and diseases are prominent all year round but are especially nasty once the weather warms up. You will need to take note of any pests you see and find a solution to help keep them at bay. It’s important to get on top of infestations quickly before any bugs spread around your whole garden. See below for our top sellers to help with garden pests and diseases:

    Brunnings White oil
    Brunnings Ant kill
    Sharp Shooter Natural Pyrethrum

    For all your spring gardening needs, check out our massive range of gardening goods, plus pots, tools and more!

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