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I Review the Still Spirits Brand

I Review the Still Spirits Brand

Still Spirits is a top supplier of distilling equipment and consumables, providing products that make it easy to distil at home. We stock a range of Still Spirits products to provide home distilling and spirit flavourings to passionate home brewers. Still Spirits has a large range of products at affordable prices, making it easy for home brewers to try their hand at distilling at home. Their product range includes everything from stills to flavourings so you can get everything that you need to distil spirits. There are some great reasons that we choose to stock Still Spirits for our customers.

Essential Distilling Equipment

Getting started with home distilling is easier than you might think, especially when you can easily buy the right products. Still Spirits has a selection of stills to help you get started, including a complete distillery kit that gives you all that you need to start distilling. They also have gin botanicals kits complete with a botanical basket to make it simple to make gin. Their quality equipment is affordable and offers a choice of products so you can create the perfect setup. You can add to the equipment easily; for example, the Alembic Pot Still is their T5000 boiler transformed into an Alembic Pot Still with a couple of additions.

Distilling Supplies

Once you have your distilling equipment set up, you need a variety of consumables to keep your setup going. Still Spirits has all of the supplies that you need to keep distilling, from yeast and sugar to bottle spirals. Their Turbo 500 Production Pack offers all of the essential products in either 6kg or 8kg options, including two Turbo Yeast products, Turbo Clear clearing agent and Turbo Sugar. You can easily keep your supplies topped up with the selection of quality products from Still Spirits.

Craft Distilling Made Easy

Still Spirits' craft distilling products give you the ingredients to make craft spirits using your home equipment. Their products include gin botanicals and botanical baskets that make it simple to get the flavours that you want into your spirits. They have gin botanicals products for London Dry style gin, Mint Leaf and Rosemary, so you can choose which flavour you want to distil and get the perfect blend every time. Using one of their botanical baskets and other distilling equipment, you can make the gin styles that want at home with ease.

Choice of Flavourings

Create beautiful flavoured home spirits with the Still Spirits range of flavourings that allow you to instantly flavour your spirits. The brand offers a variety of flavourings, ranging from the classic to the more modern and adventurous. Flavour your gin, whiskey, rum and other spirits using their sachets and bottles of liquid flavouring. You can create all of your favourite flavours easily, without having to mix them yourself. You can see their Flavour Range booklet to see what's available and where the inspiration for many of their flavours comes from.

Still Spirits offers plenty for people who want to start distilling at home or who want to develop their skills and find more ways to distil.

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mark boda - April 2, 2021

Although the still itself is very good and I stated as I o the products are far over rated and not needed they are over rated as again I feel most product are as that is my personal belief. However as I said before the Turbo 500 is very good a performed for many for me at many runs. However having said that I will not the same about their customer service contact people are and have proven to be misleading untruthful. I feel you could do the same thing and stay as far away their Still Spirits as possible you can they are not worth investing your hard earned money and time in as I did.

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