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Phosphorus the energy element!

Phosphorus the energy element!

Without Phosphorus the chemistry of life would die. 

If a plant doesn't receive enough phosphorus, its energy needs will not be met causing your plants to wither-away. 

So what is Phosphorus? Google it and you will see that it is a chemical element with the symbol P and atomic number 15. There are two forms of phosphorus, white phosphorus and red phosphorus. 

What happens if a plant is deficient in phosphorus?

If you add phosphorus to a medium with a low concentration it will help to promote root growth and winter hardiness, stimulates tillering, and you will often find it hastens maturity. 

We often see plants that are deficient in phosphorus are stunted in growth and often have an abnormal colour. 

It is then important to ensure that the levels of phosphorus in plants is at an optimum level. 

Many people often add more phosphorus during the fruiting and flowering stage. 

In summary we highly recommend you use phosphorus based nutrients throughout your hydroponic journey, you will see major benefits and increased growth. 

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