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Top 8 Must-Have Items for a Newborn Baby
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Top 8 Must-Have Items for a Newborn Baby

Expecting a newborn baby soon? Here are the essential items you should be ticking off your newborn baby checklist.  

Having a baby is an exciting time in a new parent’s life, but it can also be pretty hectic! There’s so much to do when a little one is on the way, from planning the nursery to stocking up on essential baby stuff.

There are many items that’ll help babies feel as comfortable as possible during their newborn period. But with so many things to buy in the market, how do we choose which ones we REALLY need?

Worry not! In this blog, we’ll break down the top 8 must-have baby items to buy before your new bub arrives.

Bristol Cot  White

Bristol Cot - White

A cot is important for your nursery, and you should look for one that’s flexible, functional, and as comfortable as possible for your newborn. The Bristol Cot in white is a solid timer cot that comes with a drop-side, so parents can join the cot to a bed if needed. This functional cot also comes with adjustable height to suit both parent and baby’s comfort.

Looking for a baby mobile in Australia? We’ve got three different colourways for you to choose from.

Shop Bristol Cot – White for $550.00

Bbc Moses Basket

Bbc Moses Basket

Newborns spend more than 16 hours a day sleeping. So it’s important that they nap in a space that’s comfortable for them, and practical for their caretaker. The Bbc Moses Basket is great for newborn babies to sleep in during their first few months, and is highly portable with its own carry handles. In addition, it comes with a removable cover, fitted sheet and liner for easy cleaning.

Don’t forget to complement your Moses basket with the Bbc Moses Basket Stand so you can place your newborn close to you anywhere in the house. To pair, meet your baby’s new best friend. Look at this baby comforter blanket.

Shop Bbc Moses Basket for $330.00

Bebecare Zuri 3 Tier Change Table  Natural

Bebecare Zuri 3 Tier Change Table – Natural

It might be tempting to give change tables a skip on your baby essentials checklist. But we highly recommend that you don’t. Having an organised space to store your baby change necessities is so important to keep you organised (and sane!) once your baby arrives. The Bebecare ZURI 3 Tier Change Table has two open self-storage compartments and a stylish design. It’s a practical and functional item, and certainly a must-have in your nursery.

Shop Bebecare Zuri 3 Tier Change Table 
– Natural for $500.00

Childcare Smart Nanny Camera  White

Childcare Smart Nanny Camera - White

Baby monitors are a godsend to parents, and the Childcare Smart Baby Camera is all you’ll ever need in a baby monitor. This handy device is built with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to view your baby anywhere using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It also supports video resolutions up to 1080p and has an infrared night vision, so you’ll never struggle to see your baby. The Childcare baby monitor is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Hubble App.

Shop the Childcare Smart Nanny Camera  White for $170.00

Zuri Rocker  Natural

Zuri Rocker - Natural

The Zuri Rocker is a must-have item to soothe your newborn baby and help them sleep better during the day. This practical rocker can be set to both a rocking and stationary mode, so that you can lock it into a still position. It also has a 3-point safety harness that’s perfectly suited for newborn babies to keep them secure and in place.

Shop the Zuri Rocker – White for $350.00 

Organic Cotton Beanie

Organic Cotton Beanie

A beanie is definitely needed during the colder months, and what better beanie is there for your little bub than the Organic Cotton Beanie? Created by Our Joey, this beanie is made from super-soft 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is gentle on your baby’s skin. It’s also elastane-free, so you can rest easy knowing it’s made without harsh chemicals.

This beanie also comes in yellow, light grey, pink, and green, which are perfect neutral colours to complement your little one! Pair it with a deer for your little dear. This baby cuddle blanket will keep your angel breathing easy. And if you're looking for something super soft, sweet and perfect for summer. Shop the most precious baby girl headbands here.

Shop Organic Cotton Beanie for $16.50

Bimbi Baby Wrap Twin Pack

Bimbi Baby Wrap Twin Pack

Muslin wraps are essential to keep your baby warm and provide them with comfort as they sleep. Generally, newborn babies can startle easily, so swaddling them in a wrap gives them a much-needed sense of security. The Bimbi Baby Wrap Twin Pack from Canningvale is made with 100% super soft, breathable cotton, and it’s amazingly lightweight. In addition, every purchase of a twin pack comes with two beautiful, neutral-coloured wraps for a cute and classic look. Infants tend to startle easily so swaddling them in these baby muslin wraps will give them a sense of security.

Shop Bimbi Baby Wrap Twin Pack for $69.99 

Large Milkbar Pillow – Grey

Large Milkbar Pillow - Grey

While this might not be a must-have for bubba, it’s certainly a must-have for mumma! There’s nothing worse than having a sore arm from hours of feeding, so having that extra cushion support while you feed is recommended. The Large Milkbar Pillow in Grey comes with an adjustable strap so you can feed your newborn with comfort. Milkbar also designed this pillow with the assistance of a location consultant to reduce neck, arm, shoulder, and back pain. So do not give this one a miss!

Shop Large Milkbar Pillow – Grey for $200.00

Having a newborn is an exciting time, and with the right items, you can spend more time enjoying countless precious moments together with your baby. Prasads Home and Garden has all the baby and kid essentials for every parent. Visit our online store for more baby essentials across Australia and Adelaide. 

Looking for the perfect accessory? Check out these baby beanies in 4 different colours to match any outfit.

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