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Your ultimate guide to showcase Snake plants in your home:

Your ultimate guide to showcase Snake plants in your home:

Struggling to revive and uplift the dead spaces of your home? Then, the Snake plant is definitely an easy and efficient solution to enliven your home. Featuring a robust structure with striking sword-shaped leaves, the plant can easily serve as a lively and rewarding addition to your home. While the popularity of the Snake plant leaves no doubt about its beneficial attributes, there is certainly a bit of confusion in regards to the ideal location of this houseplant. So the article sheds light on each aspect, featuring as an ultimate guide to showcase Snake Plants in your home.

Benefits of Snake Plants:

Easily adaptable:

One of the major reasons Snake plants are a hit with interior spaces is due to its adaptability. The plants can survive in a wide range of conditions. While Snake plants usually prefer indirect sunlight, it can also thrive in much brighter or darker spaces. So the houseplant is certainly ideal for apartment dwellers where sunlight is usually an issue. Moreover, the plant can survive in humid conditions. Thus; this adaptable houseplants can truly revive any dead corner of your home.

Requires low maintenance:

For many of us taking care of plants remains a big challenge. For such people, the Snake plant is truly a blessing as it requires easy care and low maintenance. In fact, a Snake plant can go neglected for about a week and still look fresh due to its hardiness. Further, you don’t have to worry about watering these plants frequently, for Snake plants require really less water to thrive. So for beginners’ it is certainly the best plant to give their home a quick upgrade.

Improve air quality:

The main reason you really can’t miss on a Snake plant is that it helps in improving the air we breathe. To be precise, Snake plants regulate the air in three ways. While it increases the amount of oxygen like other plants, the Snake plant is truly exceptional in removing air pollutants and toxins from the air. In fact, NASA has claimed it to be one of the most efficient plants for cleansing and purifying the air. Lastly, the plant release moisture in the air to reduce airborne allergies. So Snake plants can truly promote a healthier environment, serving as a refreshing delight both visually and physically.  

Ideal location for Snake Plants:

Have a good night sleep in your bedroom:

The Snake plant is truly a one-of-a-kind specie that comes with an added benefit. The plant produces oxygen even at night to improve and regulate air quality. So to take maximum advantage, it is advisable to locate your Snake plants in the bedroom. Once in place, you can certainly enjoy a good night's sleep with improved air quality. This is especially true for people with allergies and breathing problems where several Snake plants can certainly vouch for a better night's sleep. Thus, refresh and upgrade your bedroom with this lively addition.

Purify the air of your bathroom:

Another place where Snake plants are truly beneficial is your bathroom. For many products commonly found in the bathroom such as cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues, and personal care products, all release formaldehyde. Here, the Snake plant happens to be an exceptional resource to remove and filter out these air pollutants. Thus, to breathe fresh and purified air in your bathroom, Snake plants are a must. The plant can also lend refreshing visuals to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Moreover, low light and humid conditions found in the bathroom remain favorable for your Snake plant to thrive. Thus, your bathroom can definitely benefit from a Snake plant.

 Types of Snake Plant:

Birds Nest Snake Plant:

Birds nest remains a small plant that can grow up to 6 inches tall. Showing off a cluster of leaves like a bird's nest, the plant remains space-friendly to adorn the surface of your table. You can even hang this Snake Plant for a unique and lively decor.

 Cylinder Snake Plant:

Featuring round, stiff leaves that can grow several feet in length, Cylinder Snake Plant requires a larger area. Placed on its own, in a deep pot, this plant is certainly ideal to uplift and revive any dead corner of your home.

 Variegated Snake Plant:

The highlight of this plant remains the creamy-yellow border of the leaves that add an edgy, contemporary feel to any space. Suitable for both, large and small spaces, this remains one of the most popular Snake plants to date. So add a contemporary edge to any dready corner of your home with variegated snake plant.

Tips and tricks to care for Snake plants:

Do not Overwater:

Snake plants are essentially low maintenance houseplants that require less water. So there is definitely a higher risk of overwatering the plant. In such a case, it is advisable to let the soil dry between each watering periods for a healthier Snake Plant.

 Keep away from pets and toddlers:

Snake plants have been reported to be slightly toxic when consumed, with the risk of Diarrhea. So it is advisable to keep the plant away from toddlers or pets who may nibble down the leaves and suffer from health problems.  So consider baby  proofing your home by  moving these plants out of reach.

Use a tight and contained pot:

Snake plants tend to spread out as they grow, so it is always advisable to use a tight and contained pot. This way it is certainly easier to regulate the growth of your lovely Snake plants.

Nurturing and showcasing a Snake Plant is certainly not so challenging. Being a tolerant, low maintenance plant, it is truly one of the most forgiving houseplants, certainly perfect for beginners. The plant offers various health benefits so that you can enjoy a breath of fresh, purified air from the bedroom to your bathroom. Lastly, you can choose from numerous textures and colours of Snake plant to bring a refreshing and edgy feel to any contemporary space of your home.


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