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Indoor plants for Vitality
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Indoor plants for Vitality

Ever wondered how indoor plants can lift your mood and health?

All of us have bought an indoor plant at some point in time and placed it in our homes to uplift the surroundings or overall ambience. The way these plants affect our mental and physical health is a hot topic of research. ‘Perceived air quality’ is the quality of air that surrounds us in our indoor working and living spaces. If perceived air quality is poor, it can cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) which includes symptoms like coughing, wheezing, sneezing, headaches and loss of concentration. Research suggests that indoor air filters can remove particulate matter, but they cannot combat gaseous pollutants. Interestingly, indoor plants can work as natural air purifiers, as they are capable of removing pollutants such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides, carbon mono and dioxides (CO2 and CO) and other fine particulate matter, thereby increasing overall health for increased productivity. Here is why you should adopt indoor plants in your life-


Increased performance at work

Whether you work from home or go to a workplace every day, adding a little green friend on your table will do wonders. Indoor plants can improve indicators of lost productivity at work such as illness, stress, anxiety, and low output issues by promoting your mental and physical health. Breathing fresh air revitalises the body for efficient functioning, which in turn makes you active and fit to work. An office study at the University of Technology, Sydney reported over 40% reduction in stress and negative mood feelings while having indoor plants at the workplace. Further, indoor plants make a workplace look positive, soothing, trustworthy, and concerned for staff. 


Better recovery from illness

If you or any of your family members have recently been sick or recovering from an injury, then adding some plants to the ambience will ensure faster recovery and improved healing. A clinical trial study reported that patients in postoperative conditions reflected positive psychological responses when surrounded by plants or flowers. Their performance was indicated by lower blood pressure, lower pain, anxiety or fatigue as compared to patients who recovered in an indoor environment without plants. Hence, it is a scientifically proven fact that the human body perceives greenery as therapeutic on physiological levels.


Some common indoor plants you can buy 

Aloe vera is an easily available plant. It is low maintenance, enjoys indirect light, needs less watering, and can be used as a table pot or a corner window plant in your office or home. ‘Mother in law’s tongue’ or ‘Snake plant’ is another plant which very sturdy, tall, and just needs once a month watering. It has magnificent air cleaning capacity and enjoys both low and bright light. Succulents such as crassula are perfect for well-lit areas. They have brilliant water holding capacity and need infrequent watering. Crassula thrives well in ventilated environments and needs a well-drained gravel soil to grow. To know more about succulents, please visit our living plants section. We at Hobby Hydro & HomeBrew are happy to help you pick a good succulent for your indoors. 

Hobby Hydro & HomeBrew  is also able to assist you with the right soil and potting mix for starting your indoor green life. Please feel free to contact us on our weblink.


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