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Pots and planters: how to pick a pot or planter for your new plant
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Pots and planters: how to pick a pot or planter for your new plant

Plants have the ability to add so much to a space. They fill out empty spaces, add a hit of colour and they even clean the air! Pairing your plant with the perfect planter is essential if you’re looking to create an interesting and cohesive scene. Plants and planters need to be matched based on their individual characteristics. Not only do you need to consider the plants needs (size, material, drainage), but you need to pick a planter or pot that suits and compliments the style of your space. In this article, we give you three things to consider when picking a pot for your new plant, PLUS our top style tips for pairing different plants with different planters.


Playing with height and silhouettes

For a contemporary look, consider using a tall planter or a hanging planter. These types of pots and planters create interesting shapes and silhouettes in your space. 

Our top style tip: pair devils ivy with a ceramic hanging planter for an elevated look. The ivy will drip down the pot to create eye level stunning visuals.


Keep your space clean and efficient

Self watering pots and large planters with drip plates are a fantastic solution for indoor planting. They stop any spillages, plus they help to save a bit of time while tending to all your plants. They can also keep your plant healthy by allowing them to take a drink whenever they need.

Our top style tip: pair a tall tree-like plant, such as the fiddle leaf fig with a large ceramic pot or a self watering pot.


Outdoor pots and planters

Garden planters and outdoor planters are perfect for creating levels and definition within your yard. Terracotta pots are great for cacti, succulents and other plants that like drier soil, and are perfect for outdoor use.

Our top style tip: pair an upright plant, such as the mother in laws tongue with a striking large plant pot to create a contrasting look. 

Shop the huge range of ceramic plant pots and planters at Hobby Home & Garden. Whether you’re looking for large planters, tall planters or hanging planters, we have the biggest range to choose from, with a style to suit any space. Buy online or if you’re a local, visit us here in Norwood!

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