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Question all growers ask, PGR’S or True Boosters?
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Question all growers ask, PGR’S or True Boosters?

CANNA gives you the answer why consumers like using CANNABOOST Accelerator over PGR’S and why they get results.

There are over 40 chemicals that can be found in PGRs; Daminozide is one of them. In 1989 it was withdrawn by the manufacturer after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed banning it based on unacceptably high cancer risks to consumers.¹ Also in 1989, it became illegal to use Daminozide on food crops in the US.² (Ref: Daminozide (Alar) Pesticide Canceled for Food Uses | EPA History | US EPA

PGR’S (plant growth regulators) classed as Pesticides or defoliants are limited to doing single tasks such as controlling height or branching.

By using PGR’S there are many ways to get there, by overloading a particular component and hoping a runaway reaction occurs, by morphing a system to produce more of one thing or another, by directly interjecting a component through translaminar or transcellular migration, or by genetically altering the plant.

None of these methods are particularly effective, consistent or benign (some even dangerous). The problem is we only affect one part of a system while ignoring the rest.

Where as CANNABOOST Accelerator supplies the plants with a true Booster by affecting the energy pathways, all of them from production, to translocation, storage, and utilization, it affects all systems equally. The best way to achieve these goals is to affect all the systems with the one component common to all systems, Energy.

A booster like CANNABOOST Accelerator acts independent of nutrients, enabling the plant’s systems to work at optimal levels while leaving no footprint or excess baggage (residue) behind.

It works by influencing plant systems, sometimes by triggering desired responses such as an autoimmune response, or by increasing in specific essential oil production.

A booster should allow energy to be metabolized easily, moved quickly, and utilized as needed, never limited.

By allowing these things to happen, the plant has all the energy it could ever need for flower production and maturation; production of desired compounds like oils and alkaloids; rapid and extended photosynthesis;

Also effective available storage of energy components like starch; stronger, faster dividing cells; and better respiration processes in the plant cell.

Therefore, the best booster would be one that affected all systems and allowed them to utilize Energy at the optimal rate possible.

CANNABOOST usage is calculated as: 4mls per litre x 5 litres per day(average) over 1 square metre you will need 840mls per square metre per Flower/fruiting cycle.

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