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TurboKlone T48 & T24 Review
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TurboKlone T48 & T24 Review

Tested by: Matt

Rating: 5 Stars

With over twenty TurboKlone kits sold in the past few weeks we wanted to give it a road test.

The TurboKlone T48 and T24 systems are aeroponic cloning systems that offer the ability to propagate over more sites with a greater oxygen supply. By scaling up your propagation, you can see bigger yields than ever, while the increased oxygen means faster growing, too.

The original and best propagation system

Depending on which product you choose, you have access to 24 or 48 Clone sites that can the quick and reliable propagation of your favorite plants. These systems are also exceedingly easy to set up and require little cleaning and maintenance to ensure the reliability of their results.

As the first and still widely considered the best aeroponic reproduction system, TurboKlone systems are built specifically for one thing, to speed up root development in softwood and hardwood cuttings, offering up more cloning space and better oxygen access. This has made it popular amongst nurseries, commercial gardeners, and simply enthusiasts.

The secret of the TurboKlone fans

The key factor that makes the TurboKlone T24 and T48 systems so efficient is the access to more oxygen. This increased airflow is all down to the unique fan technology that optimizes the climate in the cloning site, helping promote sterile, healthy, rapid growth in cuttings through a better aeration of H2O with fresh air, while excess heat is removed so it poses no risk of smothering and flooding roots.

Check out the TurboKlone T48 and T24 today

From the integrated fan that ensures cooler temperatures and greater oxygen access to the aeration system that sprays cuttings evenly, making for consistent growth across all clone sites, TurboKlone promises results like you’ve never seen before.

We personally love the system and highly recommend purchasing one today. 

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