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Why customers are choosing Massive over Monsta Bud
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Why customers are choosing Massive over Monsta Bud

Recently there has been a short supply of Monsta Bud here in Australia. Many OG customers are hurting without their Monsta Bud and are coming and asking shop owners what else they have which is twice as concentrated and produces the same if not better results. 

It was easy for Hobby to suggest a product which is scientifically proven to be a superior product and with greater results.

Hobby has been a big supporter of Green Planet since it launched last year in Australia. 

The Green Planet Brand:

Green Planet Wholesale Ltd. is a Canadian company that based in British Columbia. It specialises in the wholesale distribution of quality products for indoor and outdoor gardening and for hydroponics.

Green Planet has its own products line that delivers everything your plants need to provide the impressive results.

Green Planet has over 20 years experience in the hydroponics industry. It has refined a standard to ensure superior quality control. The production is based on the newest technologies and high quality raw materials to deliver the finest nutrients to the market.

What is Massive?

Massive Bloom formulations is Green Planet premier flowering additive formulated with all the necessary microelements required to achieve an increase in flower sizes as well as providing several additional beneficial properties. 

How it works!

Massive is a comprehensive bloom additive that contains a full array of the elements plants require to produce large, healthy flowers. Massive Bloom is formulated with L-form amino acids, a specially formulated vitamin profile, a unique blend of carbohydrates, a chelated mineral profile, and a combination of essential nutrients(phosphorus and potassium), which ensure your plants grow big and hefty flowers. This formula also increases and promotes flower size, aromatics, essential oils, chlorophyll content, photosynthesis, CO2 utilisation, proper NPK ratios, cell expansion and content, cell wall thickness, floral components, and resistance to stressors. Furthermore, the components in Massive work aggressively to promote, as well as transport vital fluids and cell building materials to the flower sites. This creates truly impressive stacked flower clusters full of aromatic essential oils.

How to use it!

Add Massive at a rate of 5 ml/L (19 ml/Gal) to your nutrient reservoir for the duration of the flowering cycle. Adjust the pH as needed. At 5 ml/L (19 ml/Gal) your nutrient solution will elevate ppm levels by an additional 300-400 PPM. Be sure to lower your nutrient levels to compensate as to not experience overfeeding. Our Feed Programs take into account the extra PPM so there is no need to cut back on your nutrient strength when following the feed chart.

Where to buy it?

Currently for the next two weeks Hobby will be offering a buy one get one free offer. 

If you purchase a 5L of Massive Bloom we will give you a free 1L Massive Bloom for free. 

That 6L for the price of 5L. 

This deal is only available if purchased direct through our website. 

Purchase here

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