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You at a glance

Hey guys its Abel here from Prasads Home and Garden we wanted to start a post each which to help you. Its a quick three minute read!

Today we want to talk all about you and your health and wellbeing. So let's jump into it straight away. 

Heard of JOMO?

The Joy Of Missing Out! Recently a study by scientists from the Bar-llan University in Israel that spending time by yourself really can make you happy. Our favourite bath salts provider Salty Vibes founder Sarah has been a strong supporter of this idea and is constantly seen updating her instagram profile showing her doing things alone. 

This is why perhaps her bath salts have become so popular.  You can can purchase her entire collection by clicking here.

The research found that while spending time with others has great benefits, this is only the case if it's by choice. If you are around people and don't want to be then this actually can have negative side effects. So the lesson here is take time for yourself when you need it, even if it sometimes means you have to reschedule plans around others. It's ok to be selfish for your wellbeing. 

Save Your Skin!

Taking a holistic approach to better skin with a combination of high-performance skincare and edible beauty products has been proven to enhance your mental health. So by looking after your outside you can also help to look after your inside.

1. Magnificent Face Oil by Pluk Skincare

Super face oil that absorbs and nourishes all skin types with its powerful antioxidant and healing properties derived from the purest botanical oils. Its high content of vitamins and fatty acids deeply hydrates and plumps the skin but is light enough not to leave that oily feeling that nobody wants.

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2. Anti-Pollution Serum

This lightweight serum contains Pollushield, a combination of natural and scientifically proven ingredients to protect your skin from smoke, urban dust and airborne metals which cause skin damage and premature aging.

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Stop the Slump, The Afternoon Slump that is.

Pumpkin seeds are a nutrient-rich snack - and they ay also help to fight that mid-afternoon sluggishness. 

They are full of iron, amino acids and magnesium, so if you see me pumping iron at the local gym then watch me smashing a bag of pumpkin seeds you will know why. 

Pumpkin seeds have also been proven to help regulate blood sugar levels. Being high in fibre helps you to feel fuller for longer which helps maintain the weight. 

Well that's it guys. Have a good rest of the week and stay tuned for our next blog post. 


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