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Cyco Bloom A is the first of two parts to make up the base nutrient system for the flowering stages of a plants growth.

Cyco Platinum Series Bloom A is your primary source of pharmaceutical grade Nitrates which are vital for photosynthesis, the making of amino acids, enzymatic formation and cell division.

With pharmaceutical grade ingredients Cyco Bloom provides a certifiably cleanest form of this crucial component to flower growth.

Bloom A also contains considerable amounts of Magnesium and Calcium. Magnesium is a crucial element for the construction of chlorophyll allowing for photosynthesis to occur in the plant. Calcium in Cyco Bloom A is derived from pharmaceutical grade Calcium Nitrate for a source of readily available calcium to for cell walls enabling healthy plants.

  • Part One Of Two Of The Cyco Grow Base Nutrient System
  • Complete In Micro-Nutrients Needed For Plant Growth
  • Technology For Superior Mineral Uptake And Stability
  • Industry Leading 1-Micron Filtration Process
  • Derived From 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients.

Cyco Bloom B is our second of the two parts to make up the base nutrients for the flowering stages of a plant's growth.

Cyco Platinum Series Bloom B is the primary source of pharmaceutical-grade Phosphorus and Potassium which are vital for a plant's photosynthesis. Phosphorous is a vital component in manufacturing Adenosine Triphosphate, a primary unity of energy manufactured by photosynthesis that is then consumed by the plant to carry out necessary metabolic functions.

Bloom B is the primary source of Potassium in the Cyco Bloom range which is a crucial element to sustain plant growth by working to aid in photosynthesis. It also aids in the translocation of sugars throughout the plant and works to reduce unnecessary watering and wilting.