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The gold honey comb like pattern on the white outer body topped with a lid in dazzling gold only signals one of the most beautiful aspects of this gorgeous lighting option, when it comes to mood lighting what could be better than the usage of votives that come with hand poured wax candles set within them. Here is one that has been infused with lemon fragrance to help refresh your evenings with its subtle and soft presence.
Candles are great means to make your decor come live with soft and subtle kind of appeal. Here is an option in the form of glass votive in superb blend of writers and gold colours hand poured with wax that has been infused with lemony fragrance sure to liven up event he dullest of evenings, the glass jar is sturdy and 7.5 cm in height with a dimeter of 6 cm .

The jars filled with wax gives you the added advantage of placing them in any space of your choice - in clusters or singles - and help fill up the space with soft and muted lighting and afresh lemony zesty fragrance. The jars being rather elegant in looks will blend in easily with any setting and any post - be it the console the shelf, or the corner table or even if you wish to place it on the main dining table. The lid in a gold colour adds to its superb looks and finish. Place them in several places and feel the warmth and wonder of lighting that is subtle and classy.