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Cat Interactive Sisal Wooden Scratching Pet Ball

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This pet ball is crafted with carefully selected natural sisal material, designed for cats to scratch their itchy paws and satisfy their instinctual needs. By providing an appropriate outlet for boredom, it may aid in deterring cats from scratching your furniture.


  • The pet ball combines a hollow design with cats' natural love of drilling holes, plus a spinning sisal ball to draw cats' attention.
  • Made of solid wood/hemp, recyclable/eco-friendly/durable. Connect two V-shaped pieces w/ a stick, put board on, tighten three screws.
  • The sisal ball is a scratching and spinning toy, bringing hours of fun to your kitten and helping release its boredom.


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood, Sisal Rope
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 18 cm
  • Ball Size: 12 cm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Function: Pet Scratching Ball


  • 1 x Pet Scratching Ball