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Make an inclusion in your surroundings that will turn your home into a mid - eastern setting. Thus set of elegant tables have been fabricated from finely designed metal and wood and are in sizes that will make them compatible in all kinds of spaces. Designed for sturdiness as well as gifting the look of elaborate style.

Tables are a great means to help utilize spaces better - and when they come in lengths such as the two in the set, the utility can be wider in nature. Use it in your living room or convert it into a bar counter when you so please - place them as consoles against the wall or simply place it as a table end to extend the dining table when the numbers of guests increase. after all tables are a necessity if you wish to include some more nooks and corners and dimensions of your home so as to accommodate more people. What delights the aesthetics even more is the usage of rough naturally finished wood teaming fabulously with very Moroccan in look, metal grill. The dark coloured metal looks truly beautiful in contrast to the natural colour of wood. Sturdy yet lightweight enough despite its 130 cm length in the larger size and 100 cm in the smaller one. The set of tables is especially recommended if you have a mid - eastern theme for your spaces.