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Corner Basket Removable Suction-Black

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KiahLoc Corner Basket Removable Suction Medium - Black features an angular lattice shelf for optimal corner storage. It's easily attachable due to the removable suction cups, and a grille that allows for installation in areas of high humidity. *The patented Yellow Indicator Ring acts as a tool to monitor the holding force and remind users to check suction safety. Installation and reinforcement of the suction hook are effortless--simply press the button again. Tools, drilling, and screws are never required. However, users must keep in mind that these products are designed for clean, smooth surfaces and are not suitable for porous surfaces such as marble, treated tiles, or porcelain. KiahLoc suction hooks should never be used to hang glass frames, valuable items, or fragile objects, nor should they be used in a position where failure could result in injury.

  • GECKO INSPIRED DESIGN: The shower caddy features a unique gecko-inspired design that adds a touch of creativity to your bathroom space.

  • REUSABLE: Designed for multiple uses, this shower caddy can be repositioned and reused without leaving marks or residue.

  • CHILD-FRIENDLY: With its safe and secure suction cups, this caddy is child-friendly and can be easily placed within their reach.

  • INDICATOR RING HOLDING FORCE REMINDER: The indicator ring offers a visual cue, reminding you to reapply the caddy to ensure a reliable hold.

  • WATERPROOF: Crafted to withstand moisture and wet environments, this caddy is entirely waterproof.

  • EASY INSTALLATION & REMOVAL: Installation is a breeze with the included suction cups, providing a strong hold on various surfaces. It can also be easily removed without any hassle.

  • RESISTANT TO HUMIDITY & TEMPERATURE CHANGES: Built to endure humidity and temperature fluctuations, this caddy maintains its performance over time.

    • Color: Metallic Black
    • Suction Cup Material: ABS
    • Shower Caddies Material: Metal / Premium Stainless Steel
    • Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 7.7cm (W x L x H)
    • Weight: 0.47kg
    • 1 x Single Shower Caddy
    • 2 x Suction Cups

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Mike Hachinson

      These are great in my shower, and hold securely, even with multiple bottles of shampoo and conditioner

      Jacqueline Greco

      It's beautiful and very sturdy. Will buy more in the future.


      Love this!! A bit smaller than I was expecting but it fits perfectly in my shower. Also sturdy and the stickers are super strong.

      Deborah Jacobson

      It stuck to the shower very well and very sturdy!! I love it!!!


      I love this. I needed it for my shower. it's is durable, strong, and very much utilized for hanging loofah and bath soaps, etc..


      Perfect for our space