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Cyco Platinum Series Dr Repair is an additive used throughout all stages of the vegetative and flowering period to aid as a preventative measure against chlorosis and/or environmental stresses.

Dr Repair contains the ideal amount of urea-based nitrogen and chelated Iron in the form of Iron (Fe) EDTA, which is a necessary component in the production of chlorophyll; this infusion is immediately available to the plant whilst the chelated iron (Fe) works to reverse chlorosis.

In short; Dr Repair is a fast acting additive that works to compliment available nitrates to infuse the plant with already present minerals to repair chlorosis (lack of chlorophyll)

  • Readily available source of plant available Iron
  • Nitrogen for regeneration of physical cell structure
  • Reversal of Chlorosis by the formation of chlorophyll
  • Usable as a soil drench for severely deficient plants
  • To be used throughout generative and reproductive stages