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Digital Safe- 80L

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Protect your treasured belongings and documents with the Electronic Digital Safe from Bronhill!

This password-protected safe is ideal for home or business and is extra large, so you can securely store your cash, jewellery, documents, passports, and more!

Protect your treasured belongings and documents with the Electronic Digital Safe from Bronhill! This password protected safe is ideal for home or business and is extra-large so that you can securely store your cash, jewelry, documents, passports, and more!

The safe also comes with Override and Drawer box keys so that you can always retrieve your belongings when needed. Rest easy knowing that your valuable assets are protected.

It also has a Wrong Code Alarm system where if 3 consecutive codes are inputted, it will alarm in 60 seconds and the system would lock out. On the other hand, if under sleep mode, when shaking, the safe would give an alarm.


  • Fireproof rating - 1 Hour at 1200˚F
  • Digital lock with override keys
  • Removable wheels for easy transport
  • Adjustable shelf height
  • Separately lockable drawer


  • Total Size: 720 x 450 x 410mm
  • Vault Locking System: 5 x extra large 35mm diameter bolts
  • Total Internal Size: 585 x 390 x 310mm (including drawer)
  • Internal Capacity: 80 Litres

In the Box:

  • 1 - Fireproof Safe
  • 2 - Override keys
  • 2 - Drawer keys

This safe is engineered and designed to protect your valuables with a 1200˚F fire rate. A fireproof home safe is a significant investment and one that will withstand the worst of household emergencies. Safely and securely store your essential belongings like passport, birth certificates, insurance policies, investment papers, cards and wills. 

 Our fire-resistant safe ensures a high-quality level of security, and you leave your home with peace of mind. We aim for the highest level of security systems of fire protection for the storage safe.  It can also be used to store digital media devices. It is best placed in your home office, which is not exposed to direct sunlight and not in a place with high humidity.


The electronic fire proof safes are perfect for protecting your documents and valuables in the best possible way. It is designed to safeguard your valuables from heat damage and smoke caused by fire. It can also be used to secure personal belongings such as jewellery or photos of your loved ones which cannot be replaced by cash alone. Securing them with a piece of mind with the knowledge that they are safe from fire and burglary.

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