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Behind the blend

This one has an abundance of frankincense in the blend which is great for calming the nervous system and busy mind but from a smell perspective, the lavender is the key scent in this one which is well known for its relaxation abilities particularly encouraging a good nights rest.

About FML

FML, made for the days full of chaos and carnage. Shit just isn't going to plan, the ex is being a dick, you're running late to pick up the kids and you're about to hit the wall harder than a mack truck on the freeway.


When life gives you lemons, you squeeze them in someone else’s eye and run like a mother fucker (not for real). Relax, tomorrow there will be no lemons left in the fruit bowl.


A mix of salts (sea, Himalayan, Epsom), magnesium, a touch of coconut oil, and essential oils (lavender, sandalwood, frankincense).

500g - Reusable glass jar with bamboo lid.