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The incessant rain and the warm temperatures make them grow in a rush-the tropical forest and its wide leaved foliar make such a resplendent means to bring that surge of natural beauty to your spaces and here is one such wonder form Lavida-albeit in colours that are chic and not the usual colours you would find foliage in. Introduce this delightful extension of your imagination on to your walls with an art work that is modern, chic and subtle in its beauty.

While the jungle grows quietly-it makes an impact in your imagination-after all, nature has its ways and means to find its way into your home -be it through the potted beauties in the balcony or veranda or the war work on your wall. Here is one that is sure to lend that surge if excitement that an imaginative and creative take on nature brings with it. Delightfully simple-abstract and yet robust in its form, the multiple leave sin this canvas portrays the gorgeousness of nature and will form a synch with any part of your home. Simple, delightful and filled with the vibrancy of things natural! Transform your walls into a thing of beauty with canvas art form Lavida that gives you amazing possibilities in decor.