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Indoor Plant Soil with Neem 3.5L

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Indoor Plant Soil with Neem 3.5L It's been formulated to promote long-term health and growth of your indoor plants, providing essential nutrients and protection from pests.


  • This soil mix, void of peat and coco coir, is formulated with the purpose of promoting plant health and curbing Fungus Gnats - a prevalent pest in indoor environments.
  • Featuring neem granules, this soil is rich in essential nutrients and is said to form a protective barrier near the soil's surface, potentially preventing fungus gnats and their larvae* from infiltrating.

Directions of use: Gently remove plant from its exisiting container. Lightly loosen any bound roots, making sure that no damage is caused. Shake off any old soil. Place a small amount of Indoor Soil Mix in your vessel. Align the base of the plant stem so it's just below the top of the container. You don't want to bury the plant too deeply. Add soil mix as required around the plant, pressing the soil down lightly. Water in well and top off when needed.


  • 1 x Indoor Plant Soil with Neem 3.5L