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When it comes to giving you dinner ware options, there can be very few that can come close to the completeness and ease that the Jappa dinner set bring with it. a set that ahs a bowl, plates and chopsticks that coordinate makes this such a convenient addition to your table. The set itself has three articles, while the pack consists of two such sets. A delightful means to make your love for oriental food gain whole new dimension.

Created from very high-quality ceramic, the Jappa dinner set brings to you the advantage of a bowl a dinner plate and chopsticks. Comes neatly packaged with tow such sets in each pack-each different in design which adds to its uniqueness. When setting the table-simply place the bowl on the plate and the chopsticks across the bowl to give your table setting a delectable oriental look. While soups, curries and brothy ramen would love the bowl-the plate can be for the rest. Irresistible offer from Lavida that has convenience the update you always wanted to give to your serve ware. The sheen of the ceramic speaks of the high-quality crafting that makes it so special. Presented well in its two set pack, you could add more of them to your collection-after all, when guests come calling what could be better than this for your individual place setting.