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Its sits on its sturdy round base-the bold cinnamon-coloured stripes making its look distinctive and unique while its round shape gives it a typical usability-be it to serve any finger foods or to have your breakfast cereal. Simply let it sit atop a table and invite that fresh cottage charm with its simple looking design. Ceramic has a way of drawing in that kind of a fresh farm and country appeal.

The bowl has a distinctive glaze that comes from perfect firing technique. The cinnamon-coloured hand painted stripes may seem a little irregular which gives each piece its own unique look. The bowl sits on a round base, slightly lifted off and curves delicately to its round shape. The inner surface too has the stripes as the outer body. Could be sued like any other rice or cereal bowl -or for that hot ramen straight from the wok. There are so many ways in which a bowl this handy and well-designed could be used. Make it part of your usual serve ware or simply let it top a able and give it unique look with its bold and bright colour. There is always a certain farm and cottage chicness that ceramic, such as this bowl, ushers in with itself.