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You love the look of greens forming the backdrop or simply filling in those spaces that need something vibrant to make it look great. Here is a beautiful means to ensure that your plants get just the right kind of vantage spot that will help them look great and also ensure they add so more charm with their presence.
Made of marble that makes up its round white top-its base is solid and the kind to take the weight of any potted green.
A table that with its size and presence is sure to fit into small niches holding up your potted greens for a better view. Made from sturdy material that will ensure that the small 26 cm high table does not disbalance inspires of the weight it shall be held up.
A perfect blend of modern design and superb materials gives this table the right features for indoor usage. You could use it like any other side table as well. The marble used for the top is the kind that wiped easily to move any residue or stains. The usage of stone adds a touch of style and elegance to the space as well.