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Perfect value for money this 1kg pack can be used as is or as a refill for your favourite jar of salts.


Whether you're dumb enough to still be playing sport over the age of 35, made the fatal mistake of not moving much in your prime or you've crept over the other side of the able-bodied threshold it's time to hop into some salty goodness. Put 4-5 tablespoons in a warm bath, pop on your favourite playlist, jump in for 20 minutes, close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths then read the affirmation on the other side of this jar.


I need to forgive myself for my poor choices and hope to hell this bath delivers the goods so that tomorrow I don't have to hold the toilet wall just to sit down and take a leak.


A mix of salts (sea, Himalayan, Epsom), magnesium, a touch of coconut oil, and essential oils (wintergreen, peppermint, lavender).

Not suitable if you're pregnant or under 12.

1kg cardboard cylinder with biodegradable liner.