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The Trays S/2 Monstera Leaf is the perfect statement piece you really should stock up on if you happen to have customers with a taste for elegance and aesthetic finesse. Every of your savvy clientele would immediately be attracted to this particular set of two trays due to three particular features it possesses. The first is its artistic painted motif, the second is its quality material component, while the third is the fact that it comes in two sizes.

Being Australia's largest wholesale shop, you have entrusted us to source and provide you with consistently selling items which we are sure your various customers would love to buy. It is for this reason that we have recently updated this Trays S/2 Monstera Leaf into our huge and classic collection of Wholesale Boxes & Trays. This particular tray set consists of two differently sized trays of large and small. Painted on the interior of these trays is the image of differently shaped large sized leaves in ash and orange-gold colours.