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Ultrasonic Fruits and Vegetable Washer Food Cleaner - USB Plugged-in

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Color: Black

Product Description:

This fruit and vegetable cleaner uses high-energy OH ion purification technology and uses water as raw material to rapidly degrade harmful substances into harmless substances with no chemical additives.

It releases ions that can penetrate into cracks, thoroughly cleans and removes 99% of residual harmful ingredients, and helps prolong its storage time. It is a simple and safe way of cleaning fruits, vegetables, and meat.

The fruit cleaner device in water is IPX7 waterproof. You can immerse the veggie cleaner in water without worrying about leakage or damage. It is USB Plugged-in, it will only work when connected to the power supply.

The fruit and vegetable washer is widely used to clean fruits and vegetables, as well as purify tap water, glasses, and jewellery. It can help your family get rid of the tedious work of cleaning food, save time, and harvest health.