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The Pro Grow ULV Micron Fogger (ultra-low volume) is an all-in-one grow area & foliar applicator for plants. The droplets are much smaller than from other spray devices at between 10-25 microns. The ULV Micron Fogger creates a true fog which resembles a slight haze. The tiny droplets drift through the air and spread out to fill the entire area. The fog contacts flying insects, all surfaces within the area and all parts of the plants including the underside of leaves. Supplied with a powerful 1200 W motor. Pro Grow ULV Foggers are light weight. Fog can be sprayed directly onto and into the plant canopy. The ULV Micron Foggers result in superior coverage, less runoff and reduced product use. The Pro Grow ULV Micron Fogger also eliminates water beading and excessive moisture which greatly reduces the risk of electrical shorts, mould, mildew and bud rot. The adjustable brass flow control valve can be dialled up or down for either heavier or lighter
(drier) applications.