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Warm Up Zip Up Padded Dog Jacket Dual Ring Leash

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Color: Blue
Size: Small

This lightweight, insulated dog jacket is designed to keep your pup warm and dry in snowy weather. Its durable fabric is waterproof and it features a dual ring leash attachment, so there's no need for an additional harness.


  • Zipper guards protect hair; guard prevents skin/fur from zipping. Jacket zipper on back for easy putting on/zipping.
  • This warm jacket's cut ensures your pup won't soil it when nature calls, for hassle-free potty breaks. Easily machine-wash and tumble-dry.
  • The 2 d ring design allows secure leash attachment, and the fleece vest keeps your small dog warm and dry on winter walks.


  • Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Red
  • Material: Fleece, Nylon
  • Neck circumference:
  • S: 28cm, M: 32cm, L: 36cm, XL: 38cm, 2XL: 42cm, 3XL: 44cm, 4XL: 46cm, 5XL: 50cm, 6XL: 64cm, 7XL: 72cm
  • Back length:
  • S: 26cm, M: 29cm, L: 35cm, XL: 39cm, 2XL: 45cm, 3XL: 48cm, 4XL: 52cm, 5XL: 58cm, 6XL: 64cm, 7XL: 73cm
  • Chest circumference:
  • S: 32cm, M: 38cm, L: 42cm, XL: 45cm, 2XL: 51cm, 3XL: 54cm, 4XL: 60cm, 5XL: 66cm, 6XL: 84cm, 7XL: 90cmWeight: 140-350g
  • Function: Dog Jacket


  • 1 x Padded Dog Jacket

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